Best evolutionary peak in: 5 years Refining capacity: 15 years Type: red, dry Variety: Syrah 100 % Vineyard name: Costa de Vigne Production area: Riviera Ligure di Ponente Municipality: Ranzo (IM) Est. cellar life: 15 years Planting density: 6.300 plants/Ha Yield per hectare and per plant: 7000 kg/Ha e 1,1 kg/plant Planting layout: 1,80 x 0,80 m Vineyard area: 0,5 Ha in production Altitude: 400 above sea level Exposure:South and East - Ovest Cultivation system:Simple Guyot Soil type: medium deep with abundant texture, sandy loamy to loamy clayey reddish in colour due to the presence of iron and aluminium oxides, well drained, low water retention capacity Harvest time: october


Destemming Maceration: 6 days, combined with pressing and delestage Clarification: stainless steel fermentation vats Fermentation temperature: 18 / 30 °C Yeasts: selected Fermentation duration: 15 days Malolactic fermentation.: complete Elevage: 11 months in tonneaux, then 4 months in stainless steel tanks until natural clarification is obtained Clarification: natural Bottle ageing: 8 months